RSS FEED Republication Policy – A Disclaimer

Newswire Now and its affiliate websites rely on different sources of such as original content, guest posts, free press releases and articles publications.

Sharon Housley argues “RSS is commonly defined as really simple syndication…It means that the content contained in an RSS feed is in a format that is syndication friendly, if the copyright holder allows for syndication. Offering a feed for syndication does not in fact grant any legal rights to anyone to reuse the feeds content beyond what the Copyright laws grant as Fair Use.

Our policy is simple and easy, we use RSS for Non-Commercial Use, rely on our good intention, full copy rights credit and also the fair use.
Our use of RSS FEED is for non-commercial use.

We also rely on syndicating RSS Feed from other news websites given that we offer full credit of the sources, provide logo display and hyperlink. We make sure that our visitors known the sources of the news or articles they are reading. We tend to ensure that all our RSS Feed give full appearance of the sources who write and pay for such articles in their feed. In other words, we make sure 100% to give full copyright for the source of each article we display.

Our use of Public RSS Feed Service from the fact that Media outlets offer their RSS links publicly for their readers and the wider web audience.
Meanwhile, the Display of RSS Feed in our website is for non-profit purposes as we aim to be a non-profit for media organisation. Future generated income by Newswire now will not be used for any personal purpose and will only be used to maintain the cost of website management, servers and IT support. In case we generate extra income, we will donate it to media projects and citizen journalist initiatives.

Our Fair use policy means that we don’t import all websites RSS Feed on hourly or even daily basis. Many of our websites import RSS Feed every 24 hours, 48 hours and sometimes one week. So, we ensure that we don’t import everything all the time.

Newswire Now rely on good intention in republishing the RSS Feed and will always remove such Feeds from its website if parties concerned ask for that.