Samsung’s pioneering Galaxy Fold ‘has an annoying crease in the middle of its screen’

Samsung’s pioneering foldable phone has a crease running down the screen, it has been revealed.

The Galaxy Fold is a handset which can be unfurled to reveal a large screen.

But a new hands-on video you can watch below has revealed that it has an unsightly furrow in the larger display.

It’s previously been claimed the fold forms after the device is opened up 10,000 times, but the footage suggests it could form much earlier than expected.


Some fans took the news badly.

On Twitter, Stefan Constantine wrote: ‘Oh God. The crease is so obvious

‘It’s painful.’

Another Twitter user wrote: ‘Sorry, the crease may be small, but it’s way too much.’

Here’s everything we know about the Galaxy Fold so far.

Two Screens

Samsung unveils Galaxy Fold smartphone Provider: Twitter/ThePhoneTalks Source:
Two screens – double the fun (Samsung)

As well as a traditional 4.6-inch smartphone screen, the Galaxy Fold houses a second, larger display inside its body.



When unfolded and open, users can take advantage of a flexible 7.3-inch AMOLED Infinity Flex display.

The fold is powered by a new hinging mechanism engineered by the tech giant which uses multiple interlocking gears housed in a hidden enclosure.


The hinge along the back of the Galaxy Fold (Samsung)

The Fold contains features common in most flagship smartphones – including a fingerprint scanner in the side of the device.

It also includes six cameras – three on the rear, two on the inside and one on the front of the device.

The Fold also appears to have space for more battery power. It will contain a 4,380mAh battery – one of the largest available in a smartphone.

App Continuity

Samsung has worked with some of the biggest apps, including Facebook to make it compatible (Samsung)

The larger screen of the Fold is able to display up to three apps at once for multi-tasking purposes.

The device also supports what Samsung calls App Continuity, which allows users to transition between the two screens seamlessly – as the Fold opens and closes, apps will automatically show up where you left off.

Price and availability

It also comes in a few different colours (Samsung)

The UK-specific price has not yet been confirmed but the Galaxy Fold will go on sale in Europe (including the UK) on May 3.

The European price is an eye-watering 2,000 euros so there’s a high chance the phone could land in the UK with a price tag of more than £1,700.



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