People are calling out the tabloids over their gratuitous coverage of the NZ attacks

People have been calling out the tabloids’ use of horrific video footage of the New Zealand attacks in which 49 people died and nearly 50 people were wounded.

Here’s Buzzfeed’s Mark Di Stefano.

Daily Mirror and Daily Mail running edited parts of the Christchurch terrorist’s first-person video on their websites, pop-ups, ads around them.

Daily Mail's shows him walking to mosque door and aiming to begin attack.

The Mirror’s shows him shooting at people.

— Mark Di Stefano ?? (@MarkDiStef) March 15, 2019

The Sun’s homepage is a *gif* of the terrorist’s first-person video, surrounded by advertising, just looping.

— Mark Di Stefano (@MarkDiStef) March 15, 2019

The Daily Mail is also hosting the terrorist’s manifesto, again the video pop-up and advertising around, allowing readers to *download it* directly from their website.

— Mark Di Stefano (@MarkDiStef) March 15, 2019

Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy said this.

.@MailOnline please get that murder video off your website. It’s a new low in clickbait

— Krishnan Guru-Murthy (@krishgm) March 15, 2019

And you too @DailyMirror ??! I thought better of you

— Krishnan Guru-Murthy (@krishgm) March 15, 2019

And here’s what people were saying about it today.

We have created a technology that normalises, mobilises and glamourises extremism. It can deceive murderous fuckwits into thinking they are heroes. The Mail here are doing exactly what this murderous fuckwit would want.

— David Baddiel (@Baddiel) March 15, 2019

The Mail has always been part of the problem – they'll have the usual shock and outrage on their pages, but they'll never accept their complicity.

— Mark Howson (@renkadima) March 15, 2019

@IpsoNews can you please look into this as a matter of urgency and ensure this content is removed. Not only is this harrowing, but (a) this is an going police investigation with potential wide reaching links and (b) this kind of widespread propaganda IS the problem.

— SusieQ (@theboosh71) March 15, 2019

The Mail getting plaudits recently for not being as vile under new editor as it was under Dacre. One step forward fifty steps back. Disgusting. But a joy to any of their fascist inclined readers and now doubtless being shared excitedly by many

— Alastair PEOPLE’S VOTE Campbell (@campbellclaret) March 15, 2019

Nobody does dystopian nihilism quite like a tabloid's website.

— Dorian Lynskey (@Dorianlynskey) March 15, 2019

Jesus Christ, the Mail has it autoplaying on their front page with no warning even though it violates their own "editors' code."

— Felina (@FelinaBlanc) March 15, 2019

FFS. Unbelievable. I stand with New Zealand. So should you, @MailOnline.

— Victoria Fritz (@VFritzNews) March 15, 2019

And it prompted people to get in touch with the companies whose adverts appeared around it.

What advertisers were on the page? They should know

— Dr Benway (@d_r_benway) March 15, 2019

I wonder if @Coral can confirm that they're happy to have their brand all over this?

— Robbie Wallis (@Robbie_Wallis1) March 15, 2019

Hi, this has been removed.

— Coral (@Coral) March 15, 2019

And Mirror group editor in chief Lloyd Embley later said this.

For a brief period this morning the Mirror website ran some edited footage filmed by the gunman in Christchurch. We should not have carried this. It is not in line with our policy relating to terrorist propaganda videos

— Lloyd Embley (@Mirror_Editor) March 15, 2019

This is still missing the word “sorry”.

— James Ball (@jamesrbuk) March 15, 2019

And later still, this happened.

MailOnline and the Mirror have now pulled the video of the apparent Christchurch attack from their website. MailOnline website is no longer autoplaying GIFs of the shooter's livestream on its homepage. The Sun still has a short clip but nothing autoplaying, as far as I can see.

— Jim Waterson (@jimwaterson) March 15, 2019


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