10 EastEnders spoilers: Death fears for Louise, Tiffany violence, and Keanu returns

EastEnders spoilers for Evie, Keanu, Phil and Chantelle
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A familiar face arrives back in Walford and just in time by the looks of things – Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) shows up just as a threat is put on Louise Mitchell’s (Tilly Keeper) life. And a new face shows up when Chantelle Atkins (Jessica Plummer) arrives to cause havoc for her dad Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths).

Keanu is finally back in the Square after his ordeal in Spain, but trouble isn’t far behind as the guy who attacked him shows up to claim what he’s owed from Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden). It suddenly becomes clear to the local hardman that Louise is in very real danger. Can Keanu save her?

Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith) is also in huge trouble as the truth about her drug dealing comes to light and the extent of the trouble she’s in.

She needs to get Evie (Sophia Capasso) money and fast, but when Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) and Whitney (Shona McGarty) follow her they make a horrifying discovery.



Phil’s in deep trouble and not just from the two heavies who arrive in town demanding their money. Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) is getting close to the truth, can he throw her off the scent?

10 EastEnders Spoilers

  • Keanu arrives back in Albert Square to a warm greeting, but trouble follows.
  • Two heavies arrive demanding money from Phil, leaving Louise in serious danger.
  • Whitney and Sonia finally learn the truth about Tiffany’s drug dealing. What will they do?
  • Chantelle Atkins arrives but are the family ready to see her?
  • Whitney, Sonia and Jack make a horrifying discovery after following Tiffany to Ted’s flat.
  • Phil warns Keanu to protect Louise at all costs.
  • Sharon is suspicious of Keanu’s behaviour, will she work out what’s really going on?
  • Mitch, Kim and Denise go head to head with their salons, but who’ll come out on top?
  • Kathy gets close to the truth about whatever Phil and Keanu are up to.
  • Habiba makes a move on Adam.

Monday 25th March

Karen hugs Keanu in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Keanu arrives back in Walford to a hero’s welcome from his siblings, but receives an angry response from his mum over not keeping in touch, never mind the fact he was just trying to stay alive. Sharon wants to see him but he’s not here for it so he spins a lie and sends Phil over instead.

Phil is shocked when one of his money laundering associates shows up at the Arches demanding money.

Tiffany is desperate to help Evie and sneaks back into Ted’s flat to find the stash of cash but Bernadette realises where she is. Tiffany is left shaken when she spots the guy who attacked Evie and Bernadette becomes more worried than ever. Afraid, Tiffany rushes back to Evie, while a frustrated Bernadette tells Karen everything.



Tuesday 26th March

Tiffany loses it in EastEnders
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Whitney and Sonia learn the truth about Tiffany and are horrified. They trick Tiff into coming back to the Square but she quickly twigs and snaps at Bernadette for betraying her. They try to get through to her but she’s terrified – she has to raise the money for Evie or else.

Louise is furious when Keanu ignores her so when she meets a guy called Midge she flirts with him to make Keanu jealous. She does more than that, he realises Midge is one of the guys who beat him senseless in Spain, and that they have a very real problem on their hands. He calls Phil who warns Midge off, but he knows that’s not enough and charges Keanu with protecting Louise at all costs.

Denise and Kim hold trials for their pop-up salon at the house and are having no luck when a girl called Chantelle arrives and wows them. They offer her a job and then gloat to Mitch, who reveals she’s his daughter.

Thursday 28th March

Sharon confronts Keanu in EastEnders
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Sharon is growing suspicious when her card is declined and when she hears Keanu is trying to woo Louise. She has no idea he’s doing it for her own protection, meanwhile Kathy also grows suspicious after witnessing a set to between Phil and Midge, followed by cross words with Danny. She heads to the Arches – what will she find?

A worried Sonia seeks advice from Jack but is later left aghast when she finds Tiffany stealing Dot’s money and jewellery. Sonia angrily confronts her and Tiffany turns vicious, lashing out. Sonia locks her in a room and goes to find Jack, but when they get back Tiffany has escaped. Bernie reveals about Ted’s flat so they hurry there, only to be horrified by what they find.


Habiba is pleased when Adam arrives at Walford East to help but they end up in a flour fight.

Friday 29th March

Habiba and Adam flirt in EastEnders
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Billy takes Will and Janet for dinner at Walford East but is called away for work and Habiba steps in to help, asking Adam to join. Billy returns and is pleased Adam stepped in to help out. Believing they’re alone, Habiba makes a move on Adam.

Sharon demands answers from Phil and insists that Keanu is kept away from Louise. Kathy tries a different approach, cornering Keanu for his side of things, and she realises he’s protecting Louise.

Mitch is pleased with how his business is doing but is shocked when a punter shows up and drops a huge tip on Chantelle. Patrick announces his decision.

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